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@ 1949 Born in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, JAPAN
@ 1971 Graduated in Applied Physics from Nihon University

with Tadahisa Azuchi, Kampo Cultural Center,
New York, U.S.A.
@ 1994 Solo exhibit at the Tokyo American club


formally invited as part of FESTIVAL OF PERTH
(Gallery EAST)@@@@@@@ Perth,Australia
@ 1997 Solo exhibit at the Henry Miller Art Museum,Nagano, Japan


with Hiroshi Saito, Gallery EAST, Perth ,Australia


with Yuka Inomata, Japan Pavilion ,Montreal,Canada
@ 1999 Solo exhibit at the Henry Miller Art Museum, Nagano,Japan


with Margareta Heinbeck,Gallery FAYLA,
Brussels , Belgium
2002 Melbourne Art Fair (2004.2006.2008)
Meloburne, Australia @


as part of JAPAN WEEK, Prague Congress Centre ,@
Prague ,Czech Reepublic


Hand-Blown Glass by Shuro KASAI and Dyed Cloth by Hiroshi SAITO
Cultural and Information Center of the Embassy of Japan


Solo exhibit at Asahi Art Museum, Nagano,Japan


Solo exhibit at Kurashi-kan. Nagano.Japan

With Chikuzan Takahashi@Japanese shamisen@layer

Matsumoto  Nagano
2008 Solo exhibit at Miyama Kayabuki art Museum, Kyoto

With Kensaku Satou@Japanese drum player

2010 Group exhibition at SchauKasten Basel Switzerland

Group exhibition at Mendocino Art Center CA U.S.A.

Public c @`@Art Museum, Nagano JAPAN

Shuro Kasai was graduated from Nihon University with a degree in applied physics and took up glass blowing as a hobby in 1983DHe is self-taught in this art and be-cause he is very concerned with the preservation of the environment and has a deep love and respect for natureCall the beautiful pieces he produces are made from broken glass and old non-recyclable bottles. But he does not stop here in his effort to preserve the earth's resourcesDHe used old bricks to build his ovenDThe vases and drinking glasses he produces have a wonderfully soft and unusually warm feeling unlike most glass objects which appear cool and hard. Kasai seeks to express the feelings of wabi (quiet refinement)and sabi (antique look)as well as the spontaneous quality of shodoiJapanese calligraphyj. " I feel l am part of a big explosion in the universeDI am a creator who breathes in the soul," says Kasai as he throws all the old bottles in the red-hot flame and watches the melting glass. Because he uses old broken pieces and bottlesCeach vase or glass he creates is different and the color will vary according to the colors of the old bottles. When he is not satisfied with what he has madeChe can reuse the same materialD@Even Kasai's Gallery is built of recuperated materials from demolished homesD" I did not want to cut trees for my own pleasureC" he saysDMaybe we all have a lesson to learn from this talented artist who feels we must take care of nature and respect the "soul" of the objects around usD(Tokyo AMERICAN August,1994)

Kasai has a degree in applied physics and took up glass blowing in 1983. Glass has been made in Japan for centuries, but it is not seen as a traditional art form, so is not constrained by the conventions that rule other media. His pieces are informed by the irregular shapes and natural surfaces of antique tea-ceremony ceramics. All of them are made from reclaimed glass. Some use cobalt and varioous oxides, some are feminine, seductive and tactile, some have the clarity of ice. Because of the process Kasai uses,he has only limited control over the outcome. The pieces exude freedom. EVE ARNOLD (BUSINESS REVIEW WEEKLY, March 3 1997)

To see more glass forms visit Gallery EAST @@web site

Shuro KASAI@ 3-10-32 Igawajo Matsumoto Nagano 390-0831 JAPAN